“I can’t imagine myself working on a show without SetKeeper“

Violeta Piperevska

Production Coordinator on Rambo V: Last Blood

NuBoyana Film Studios – International film-making expertise

NuBoyana Film Studios is a film production powerhouse with strong ties to Hollywood, especially Millennium Films, one of the biggest and longest-running independant film companies in the world.

The stamp of production excellence in Nu Boyana's bio speaks for itself: Rambo V, The Expandables 2 & 3, Conan, Automata, HellBoy, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, The Way Back, 300: Rise of an Empire, Angel Has Fallen, to name just a few international productions.

The SetKeeper team is thrilled to be working with Nu Boyana's great team behind the scenes, that make the magic happen.

Violeta Piperevska’s experience on RAMBO V as a Production Coordinator, and on SetKeeper -

“SetKeeper makes me very happy. I can’t imagine myself working on a show without SetKeeper”

My name is Violeta Piperevska. I'm a Production Coordinator at Millienium Films. We're based at Nu Boyana Film Studios, in Sofia, Bulgaria. I started working in the movie industry while I was an engineering student. During the summer holidays, I worked as an English translator on set.Now, I am proud to say, I have been working in this industry for more than fifteen years! We’ve worked on many great projects here at NuBoyana Films Studio, including Hercules, 300: Rise of an Empire, The Expandables 2 and 3, HellBoy, Angel has Fallen and just this year, Rambo V.

I work very closely with the Production Manager. Rambo V was a very intense production, big! We shot in Bulgaria and the Canary Islands. It’s a huge movie. The good thing here at Millenium Films is that on each show we work together as a big team, so we know what to expect. We’re like a family.

“What I love about SetKeeper is how co-operative the whole team behind the software is; how they listen to us and keep improving their software.”

We use SetKeeper for Watermarking & Distribution to Cast and Crew during production. This used to be huge issue before, when we distributed everything via email. With SetKeeper we have access to everything we need, at any time. You have access to all imporant documents, the data base, your contacts and distro groups. We coordinate, distribute and watermark all of the daily documents, so using SetKeeper was very helpful for us.

“Always there, always looking after the customer and ready to help.”

What I love about SetKeeper is how cooperative the team is, listens to our feedback and what we need, and keeps improving their software. In our industry it is very important to notice how much attention is brought to the customer, and how reliable SetKeeper is on support. They are always there, looking after their customers and ready to help.

On the production of Rambo V, Violeta, Millennium Films and NuBoyana Film Studios found in SetKeeper a reliable production software and support team that could match the high international production standards they're known for.

Whilst the warrior can never find peace, Rambo V’s production crew at NuBoyana Film Studios certainly found theirs in SetKeeper, a reliable software that can sustain high international production needs

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