“SetKeeper allowed The King’s production team to quickly create shooting sides from multiple script episodes.“

Joshua Darby

Production Secretary on The King

A thrilling international team work

“The most valuable thing we have in production, is time! And SetKeeper helped us save ours!”

The King was my first show working with Netflix, I had to adapt to the paperwork procedure that was quite different but instinctive. It was also the first production I worked on that was split between two countries. We filmed in UK and in Hungary which was exciting and lead to a fascinating international experience.

One of the things I enjoy most at my job are all of the interesting people that I feel lucky to meet. “The King” was a project lead by a great team and set and to be part of that was really inspiring. People came from all around the world, every one of them with their own path and experience that allowed us to grow as a team. Like working with Timothée Chalamet. It was a great experience to work with an Oscar nominated actor who is so talented.

Always be reactive and determined

“Anticipation and organization are essentials. You must solve the problem before it even exists!”

To be the best as a production secretary you need to be organized, pro-active and friendly. You are always chasing after something, so you need to be thinking one step further, to be able to anticipate everything that’s going to happen. This comes through experience and hard work.

In this industry you must give yourself the means to succeed. I have always wanted to produce movies, so I started at the bottom of the ladder and after completing The King, recently have moved up to Assistant Production Coordinator. You have to create your own path and believe in yourself.

The most convenient and easiest platform to use

“SetKeeper is a fantastic platform and easy to use!”

The support team of SetKeeper introduced us to all the features of the platform. For me, it was easy to use, I understood how to use each feature quite quickly. The fact that SetKeeper is so instinctive is a real advantage and we were able to invite people to the platform without any problems. Compared to other tools I’ve used, SetKeeper is kinder on the eyes and to create sides it was extremely reliable, convenient and time-saving.

The better time is spent, the less exhausted and the more focused you are

“To know that with SetKeeper, your sides take only 5 minutes to make instead of 25 is such an advantageous thing to have!”

The key thing in production is time. As we got closer to shooting, we would work long days and the rhythm is quite intense. During the shoot, upon wrap, you have to create next days’ shooting sides, it’s the end of a long day, and you really want to go home as soon as you can. Creating sides with SetKeeper saves you time, and on set any time you can save is valuable!

If created by hand, sides take a lot more time as you need to cross out the different scenes, staple them together and hand out copies to everyone. Using SetKeeper easily helped us save up to an hour per week!

SetKeeper allowed The King’s production team to quickly andeasily create shooting sides from multiple script episodes, with areliable and secured platform!

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