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Who has a scanner these days? Contracting and signing for a world on the go

Get all your legal documentation signed, sealed and stored with our paperless digital platform. Say farewell to scanning, wave goodbye to endless piles of paper - we make creating and tracking contracts, deal memos, NDAs and more clear and simple.


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Free your team from paperwork:

create digital team portfolios, including contract start and end dates with realtime approval and signing status.
Build lists of your central crew, cast and vendors which you can use again and again.

A better end to end service:

create, customise and distribute your information sheets, deal memos, contracts and legal documentation, for any number of teams and individuals.

Simple electronic signing means your team can sign their documents wherever they are:

our documents are encrypted, legally binding and entirely protected for the highest possible security.
Our contracts can be signed on a smartphone, so no matter where your team are, they can get the job done.

We’re all about transparency:

you’ll be notified at every part in the signing process, so you’ll know exactly who signed and when.

Streamline international collaborations:

we offer standard information sheet templates from a number of different countries, meaning that if your crew is in South Africa, your cast is in the UK and your editing team is in the US, we make it easy to get across exactly the info they need.

Secure and legally binding:

protect what’s important - all our documents are protected by SSL encryption and secure server infrastructure.
Our eSignatures are 100% legally binding, complying with US and European Union eSignature laws.

Automatically fill deal memos, contracts and distribution groups:

generate a file to upload in your payroll software for easy integration between production office and payroll.

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