Privacy Policy

We include a Data Privacy clause in all our contracts.
All our US contractors are registered within the Privacy Shield Framework.

User management

The system includes a rights management control panel, accessible by project administrators, to define and manage team rights.
There are five levels of access rights available: no access, view only, view and edit, manage and administrator rights.

Password policy

Passwords are hashed in our system, and never held plain. We use a hashing algorithm and store the result.
Users can reset their password at any time: this process is automatically handled.
In order to help Users to comply with specific information protection and data privacy requirements, a custom password policy can be implemented on demand, in order to help Organizations to comply with these requirements. Different policies can be applied to Users and administrators, for example: password length, complexity, entropy, special character usage or even a regular expression.

Data collection and processing

SetKeeper does not collect nor process any personal data such as age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, or national origin.


We use cookies but they do not contain any personal data.
They are used only to authenticate User through our services and the SetKeeper Support Team.