Script sides

Best-in-class sides creation, with easy scene order and episode cross-boarding, are now a few clicks away! Last minute shoot order change? – No problem: use multiple formatting options, easily re-order scenes to match your shooting schedule and cross-board episodes for TV shows.


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Quickly create sides from locked-down PDF scripts: our algorithm helps you detect and search by scene number, episode, set and character names.

Reorganize scenes in shoot order for daily distribution : Order sides in shoot order for daily distribution: simply drag and drop to match your shooting schedule, as easy as 1-2-3... or 3-1-2!

Cross-board episodes for TV shows and select scenes from multiple scripts to group them in the same ready to be shared file.

Industry-standard formatting

  • Keep revision colors or print black and white sides
  • Choose between standard size or half-pages
  • Merge call sheets and sides in seconds

...all the tools you need to go beyond the required standards of the industry.

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