Run the show, protect your crew

SetKeeper Knowledge Base is a secure space where your crew can access all vital, up-to-date production information from any device.

Policies, protocols, procedures, announcements, last minute changes - all available to your crew members 24/7, from any internet connected device. And you control that the information has been received, read and approved.

If you're looking for a way to share quick, up-to-date answers to recurring questions, SetKeeper Knowledge Base is perfect for you.


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In this, together

Empower your crew with easy access to the official resource for need-to-know information about the show: policies, protocols, diversity statements, accounting procedures, emergency contact information for crew, cast, suppliers.

  • “Copy that!” upgraded: broadcast and track all your production policies and protocols - data compliance, privacy, safety, respect in the workplace.
  • Instead of answering the same questions multiple times, write all the answers on an FAQ page. “Who should I talk to if my rental car breaks down?” - they’ll find the answer themselves!
  • Deal with last-minute changes: a central notification center to keep your crew on the same page.

Your time to shine

Run the show with a superstar, centralized homepage for your productions.

  • Your mobile-friendly production website, up and running in seconds. No more 50-page dusty PDFs nobody reads.
  • Shine as the ultimate problem solver: take questions from the crew and address them in an efficient and timely manner.
  • It’s in their pocket! Give your crew, cast and extras an easy access to production information through email, text, and in-app messages.

Safer productions, with up-to-date production policy compliance

Have your productions’ back and make sure they know what your studio stands for.

  • Protect your crew with up-to-date production information, even if policies are updated during the shoot.
  • Reduce headaches and maintain compliance: ensure policies are published and accessible to whoever needs them — from the legal department to the production office.
  • Policy compliance, reporting and audit logs: track the changes that were made, audit who viewed articles and when.

Clear your desk, clear your head

A clean, efficient, searchable way to present information to your crew.

  • One central place for all your production information.
  • No more blurred lines between the professional and the personal - production information in one place means you won’t accidentally send them your personal shopping list!
  • Win back more time and energy - reduce the mental load of answering multiple, repeated questions all day long and direct them to the appropriate page instead.

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